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E-Help: Digital dirt needs cleaning, too

You cleaned the closets, garage and windows this spring, but did you forget your computer? Tidying up your hard drive and digital footprint is as important as clearing away dirt and unused stuff. Computer security experts say regular maintenance can keep a computer running smoothly and safely, and prevent the loss or theft of files […]

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Analysts: Ethanol ruling unlikely to impact corn markets

Could a proposed change in federal ethanol blending regulations hurt the biofuels industry and depress corn prices? Industry analysts say any affect on ethanol producers and their corn grower suppliers will be minimal. “Overall, I would say the corn market has already adjusted to the likelihood of slow to no growth in the amount of […]

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Report: Fewer, but larger, U.S. farms in ’13

Farms continue to become fewer in number but larger in average acreage in the United States, while more farms are exceeding $250,000 in annual sales. Those are the key points in a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture report. The annual “Farms and Land in Farms” report found that the U.S. was home to 2.11 million […]

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E-Help: Gameover Zeus down but not out

Computer users, you’re on the clock. You have two weeks to protect your machine and, possibly, your bank account. A new international cyber threat called Gameover Zeus was disabled by law enforcement agencies in the U.S., United Kingdom and other partnering nations this week. But officials say that doesn’t mean the danger is over. They […]

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