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Ask the Application Specialists: How can I operate my sprayer when conditions are wetter than normal?

Fields with wet or soft spots because of excessive rainfall are more challenging, but not impossible, to navigate with a sprayer. Equipment is one consideration. The Apache’s mechanical drive and weight distribution, where 70 percent of the machine’s total weight is on the back tires, makes it less likely to get stuck compared to hydrostatic […]

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E-Help: Hashtag, you’re it…if used properly

It’s a simple pound sign, but it carries so much weight in social media circles. Hashtags – the “#” at the beginning of words or phrases in posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other popular social networks – are an effective tool for categorizing content by topic. How effective they become depends on the user, […]

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Study: Climate changes bring negative change to soybeans

Are climate changes limiting soybean production in the United States? Researchers at the University of Wisconsin think so. In a study of historical yield data, researchers determined that temperature and rainfall variations over the past 20 years have cost soybean growers $11 billion. Shawn Conley, an agronomist and soybean specialist at the University of Wisconsin, […]

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