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When I rinse the tank and booms, how long should I circulate rinse in the tank? For how long/how many times do I need to flush the hoses and nozzles?

Answer: The Apache has a 100 gallon rinse tank and I usually tell guys to utilize the entire 100 gallons to rinse the booms and tank. Everyone is a bit different and what chemicals they are using will play also play an important role. Generally speaking, I’d say to use half of the rinse tank […]

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Section 179 signed into law by President

President Obama signed into law, on Friday December 18, a package of tax extenders legislation for the U.S. Most importantly, this year, Section 179 is among some of the tax provisions made permanent. This provides greater long-term certainty. “How can families and businesses count on tax relief each year as long as Congress can’t decide […]

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