E-Help: How to make your phone a Wi-Fi hotspot

Tablets are growing in popularity, but Internet isn’t always available out in your field. Use your smartphone as a hotspot to solve this problem. Tablet ownership is up 282% from Q1 2011 to Q1 2013, according to GlobalWebIndex in the article, “Smartphone and Tablet Use Continues to Rise: The Stats.” While some tablets have a […]

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E-Help: Smartphone app for nozzle selection

A number of apps are designed to make your job easier on the farm. The TeeJet nozzle selection app, SpraySelect, can help you make the best choice for your spray nozzle. SpraySelect from TeeJet is fairly simple to use. To start, open the app, and you will see this image below on the home page.

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E-Help: How to read a QR code on your smartphone

Quick Response (QR) codes are popping up everywhere, including our Apache Sprayer catalog. A QR code is similar to a bar code and first started gaining popularity for consumers with the widespread adoption of the smartphone. You will typically find QR codes in magazines and advertisements. To read the QR code, you will need to […]

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E-Help: Searching for and downloading an app on your smartphone

The number of apps available for your smartphone grows every day. Knowing how to search for and download apps on your phone will help you better understand your smartphone. In the agriculture industry, you will find a number of useful apps that you can utilize in the fields and on your farms. Some of the […]

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Scouting for weeds and insects is essential in post-flood fields

Most farmers are wrapping up planting, and as crops begin emerging it is time to scout fields for damaging insects. This year’s flood conditions during planting have made many crops more vulnerable to disease and insect damage. Stay on top of your weed, insect and disease concerns by implementing a crop scouting program on your […]

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Data.gov is a new source for agriculture statistics

If you haven’t checked out Data.gov, you are missing out on an opportunity to access a great deal of ag databases, tools and apps. Agriculture information was launched on this site on April 30 and continues to grow. With over 370 datasets available in the agriculture section of Data.gov, a wide range of information is […]

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There’s an app for that

As the world of apps continues to grow, the vast number of options can quickly become overwhelming. Whether you are trying to calculate ratios for mixing chemicals, monitor field conditions or simply checking the weather, there is an app for that. The vast number of apps available for agriculture allows for many options, but with […]

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