Save yourself the headache and flush your booms

Flushing your booms properly can save you time and money. Mixing chemicals in your sprayer without flushing the booms may lead to yield loss and an embarrassing chemical burn streak pattern in your field. As you can see in the picture below, the streaking pattern can cover a large section of your crops and is […]

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What to look for on your chemical labels

Before heading out to the fields this spring, here is a quick review on how to read chemical labels and some of the things to look out for. Handling and using chemicals properly will help prevent dangerous situations for yourself and the environment. Understand label contents All chemical labels will contain a variety of information […]

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Nozzle Troubleshooting

One of the lowest cost items on your sprayer has the potential to waste the most money. Spray nozzle difficulties can result in a number of more serious issues such as spray drift, over application and distorted spray patterns. Ultimately nozzle troubles take away from your bottom line. Before taking your sprayer out in the […]

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