Weed resistance concerns won’t slow down in 2014

Changes for 2014 weed management plans are going to be necessary for many farmers. Many signs are pointing to growing concerns with weed resistance for the 2014 growing season. According to a weed resistance survey conducted by BASF, 77% of growers plan to change their weed management program to address glyphosate resistance. More than two-thirds […]

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Another beetle takeover?

Beetles once again sweeping across the country. Out in the fields, Japanese beetles are taking over and invading another industry, they are becoming all too common among your crops. Japanese beetles prey on a wide range of crops and are causing problems for many growers. Thankfully, the cooler temperatures from this year have slowed their […]

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Scouting for weeds and insects is essential in post-flood fields

Most farmers are wrapping up planting, and as crops begin emerging it is time to scout fields for damaging insects. This year’s flood conditions during planting have made many crops more vulnerable to disease and insect damage. Stay on top of your weed, insect and disease concerns by implementing a crop scouting program on your […]

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How planting late may require you to adjust your plan

As planting gets further and further behind in many parts of the country, especially in the Midwest which is still dealing with the effects of flooding and a late snow, growers will need to start making adjustments to their crop management plan. Growers will need to consider a variety of factors including: How will the […]

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