Record yields seen during harvest 2013

High yields seen this year despite some extreme weather conditions. Soybean yields reach new levels Nelson Crow added his name to the top of the list this year with his record breaking soybean crop. He grew 100.78 bushels per acre. While waiting to find out if he would beat the record, Crow said, “We were […]

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5 reasons you need to start planting cover crops

Cover crops are a growing trend. Farmers are finding many benefits from cover crops in their fields and cash crops. Ranging from increased yields to better soil health, farmers have many reasons to plant cover crops. 1. Cover crops help minimize the effects of adverse weather on cash crops According to a survey conducted by […]

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Planting forecast for 2013

Spring is finally here, and with early spring comes vastly different weather than the previous year. Concerns of a drought are lower this year for many areas, but this year promises different weather concerns for many growers. The cold weather and late snowfall have made it difficult for many to start preparing in the fields […]

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Find the right seeding depth

Planting seeds at the optimal depth is a critical piece to the growing process. Since a variety of factors work together to determine the best depth for each planting year, it is necessary to evaluate your situation before each planting season. The top factors you will need to consider include: •    Soil moisture •    Soil […]

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Fertilizers in no-till operations

Fertilizer usage and placement in no-till operations is different than the methods used in conventional tillage. Some of the key nutrients to monitor in both tillage operations include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Below are graphs showing the amount of the nutrient the plant uses, in relation to which part of the plant the nutrient is […]

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Look out for this year’s weeds and insects

Problems resulting from last year’s drought are far from over, and farmers will need to take necessary precautionary steps to stay on top of weed and insect management.  If you haven’t already started planning your management program for this year, now is the time to start. One of the hardest challenges you will encounter with […]

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Drought continues to carryover more problems than dry soil

Many farmers suffered from the drought last year, and now they will continue to with the potential for herbicide carryover in the new planting season. Dry soil mixed with low moisture accumulation created an ideal setting for chemicals to remain in the soil and not breakdown in the off season. The biggest concern with herbicide […]

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Drought humbles the Mighty Mississippi

The 2012 drought has already wreaked havoc on the agriculture industry and shows no signs of stopping. Now, the industry prepares for another drought-inflicted blow. Due to the decrease in rainfall over the past year, the Mississippi River is on the verge of shutting down for nearly 200 miles spanning from Cairo, Ill. to St. […]

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Weed control tips for dry conditions

Extreme and severe drought conditions continue to spread across much of the United States, increasing the potential for ineffective weed resistance for growers. We all know weeds grow more rapidly in soils where it has recently rained, especially for the usual suspects of weeds we see every summer. When this occurs, get back into your […]

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