Farm Bill pushed off to the side again

The House and Senate are out for the remainder of the year, leaving behind a great deal of unfinished work. The 2008 Farm Bill expired on September 30, but many programs don’t run out until the end of the year. Farmers will start to feel the effects of the expired bill when they try to […]

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EPA regulation changes up for debate

As Farm Bill talks begin again, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation changes are also up for debate. Redundant regulations  could prove to be burdensome to farmers. By requiring farmers to have duplicative permits for pesticides, farmers will be subject to more paperwork. “This redundant regulation creates unnecessary liability and paperwork burdens on farmers, state […]

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5 things you should consider to avoid spray drift

Lowering the risk of spray drift is a top priority for any applicator due to the many problems associated with drift. Ranging from government fines to crop damage, spray drift can be a great liability to applicators if not managed appropriately. In order to get the most out of your applications this spring, while lowering […]

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Three critical tips when applying postemergence corn herbicide

In some parts of the Corn Belt, the plant is already towering to two feet tall. This has much of the crop in the northern region far enough along to be in V3 growth stage. As early as corn is growing, farmers need to remember these three strategic tips to remember when applying their postemergence […]

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Tips to minimize spray drift

 Source: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Univ. of California Although spray drift is something that will be a constant when it comes to liquid application, it is a problem well within the realm of making more efficient applications. Controlling spray drift not only saves the environment, but can save your pocketbook from retaining precious herbicide. “Spray […]

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AS1025 – New name, new engine

The EPA has set emission targets in the United States, Canada and Europe for the reduction of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Particular Matter (PM). The reduction in PM and NOx is being implemented using a two prong approach. The first step is called Tier 4 Interim and the second step is called Tier 4 Final. […]

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