Farm Bill pushed off to the side again

The House and Senate are out for the remainder of the year, leaving behind a great deal of unfinished work. The 2008 Farm Bill expired on September 30, but many programs don’t run out until the end of the year. Farmers will start to feel the effects of the expired bill when they try to […]

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Trends in tillage that can benefit your field

Farmers are adopting conservation practices at rapidly increasing levels. It’s no surprise with some of the benefits conservation tillage can provide. According to Laura Fribley, of the Indiana State Department of Agriculture, in her article, “Tracking Conservation Tillage Trends“, “Data from the 2013 Tillage Transect indicate that as a result of tillage practices on Scott […]

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Immigration reform will bring changes to ag industry

Changes in legislation can have an effect on how you handle your operation down the line. The agriculture industry has been asking for changes to current immigration legislation. The current legislation is not supportive of all faucets of the ag industry. Currently, visas for ag workers can only be issued for 10 months at a […]

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EPA regulation changes up for debate

As Farm Bill talks begin again, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation changes are also up for debate. Redundant regulations  could prove to be burdensome to farmers. By requiring farmers to have duplicative permits for pesticides, farmers will be subject to more paperwork. “This redundant regulation creates unnecessary liability and paperwork burdens on farmers, state […]

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Time runs out on the Farm Bill again

The Farm Bill has expired once again, and it appears the legislation is on hold. Things will still operate much the same as last year when the Farm Bill expired. Crop insurance, crop subsidies and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will still continue to receive funding. Crop subsidies and crop insurance programs will not […]

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Farmers warned to review crop insurance

While planting is wrapping up in many areas, a great deal of farmers still face the possibility of not getting crops in on time for the crop insurance final planting date. Final planting dates vary by area and crop. The final planting date is the last date that acres can be planted and still receive […]

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Farm Bill moves forward with both Senate and House

Committees in both the Senate and House have passed versions of the 2013 Farm Bill. While a final version is far from implementation, it is a step forward. The Senate voted 15 to 5 in favor of the mark up on May 14, and the House voted for the mark up 36 to 10 the […]

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Sequester fallout for the ag industry

Budget cuts stemming from the sequestration are quickly becoming a reality, and the effects will trickle down to every sector including agriculture. While it may take a few months for the industry to see the cuts, this summer will start the process. The National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) has decided to suspend a variety of […]

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Conservation programs suffer in 2013

The extension of the Farm Bill has done little to ease the minds of farmers, and has done even less to support conservation programs. While a handful of programs were extended through the Agricultural Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2012, many programs are greatly affected by the extension. source: http:/  The Farm Bill extension keeps […]

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Existing Farm Bill here to stay, at least for another nine months

The Farm Bill was extended in a last minute effort to avoid reverting back to the 1949 Farm Bill. This extension did not include farm policy reform but rather gave Congress a deadline of September 30, 2013 to decide on new policy. In the meantime, a majority of the 2008 Farm Bill legislation was extended […]

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