Top reasons we are thankful for farmers

This year is flying by, and it is already time for Thanksgiving! To help you get in the mood for the holiday we would like to share this infographic from Farm and Dairy, “10 Reasons to Thank a Farmer”. We would like to take an extra moment to thank all of the hard working farmers […]

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New paint on 2014 Apache Sprayer will protect against the elements

New on the 2014 Apache Sprayers , you will find a powder coating by IFS Coatings that is designed to resist chemicals and fading from the sun. It is also more resistant to the impact the bottom of your sprayer will face. Weeds continuously hitting the undercarriage can ruin the paint on a sprayer, but […]

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E-Help: Getting the most out of your smartphone

If you use a smartphone on a daily basis you most likely know how to use the basic features on your phone. However, we found some cool tips and tricks about your phone that you might not know. These tips are designed to personalize your phone and save you time when searching for something on […]

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Apache owner builds remote control model of his sprayer

Nathan Rowings, Apache AS710 owner, has a unique way of showing his appreciation for his sprayer. He started building an identical model of his Apache sprayer. After four years of intense detailed work, he brought his finished product to be placed on display at the National Toy Truck ‘N Construction Show in Indianapolis. “When I […]

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If you haven’t checked out, you are missing out on an opportunity to access a great deal of ag databases, tools and apps. Agriculture information was launched on this site on April 30 and continues to grow. With over 370 datasets available in the agriculture section of, a wide range of information is […]

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With drones, the sky is the limit

Technology in agriculture is soaring high with precision in mind. Drones are quickly becoming the future in precision agriculture. Their light weight design and ability to quickly gather data make drones an increasingly popular topic in precision farming technology. Some of the applications for drones in precision agriculture include monitoring plant health, nutrient and water […]

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Find the right seeding depth

Planting seeds at the optimal depth is a critical piece to the growing process. Since a variety of factors work together to determine the best depth for each planting year, it is necessary to evaluate your situation before each planting season. The top factors you will need to consider include: •    Soil moisture •    Soil […]

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