New paint on 2014 Apache Sprayer will protect against the elements

New on the 2014 Apache Sprayers , you will find a powder coating by IFS Coatings that is designed to resist chemicals and fading from the sun. It is also more resistant to the impact the bottom of your sprayer will face. Weeds continuously hitting the undercarriage can ruin the paint on a sprayer, but […]

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Extended warranty offers best protection in the industry

The extended warranty for a new Apache Sprayer enhances your protection in the field. The extended warranty provides you with two years of bumper-to-bumper coverage or up to 1,000 hours in your sprayer, whichever comes first. Apache Sprayers offer you the best warranty in the application industry. Your extended warranty begins the day your sprayer […]

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5 things you should consider to avoid spray drift

Lowering the risk of spray drift is a top priority for any applicator due to the many problems associated with drift. Ranging from government fines to crop damage, spray drift can be a great liability to applicators if not managed appropriately. In order to get the most out of your applications this spring, while lowering […]

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Enhance your bottom line with Section 179

2013 AS1220 Plus II tackling 40% grades in eastern Washington. If you’ve been on the fence trying to decided whether to buy new or used equipment for your operation, this is definitely the year to buy. Section 179 is a generous tax deduction of $139,000 available for most new and used capital equipment. However, the […]

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Self-propelled Sprayer ROI – Part II

Self-propelled Sprayer ROI Part II: Performing a Cost-of-Ownership Calculation Navigating the purchase of a self-propelled (SP) sprayer can be intimidating. You may be asking yourself such questions as: “Can I afford it given the acreage I farm?” “I know it is a good investment, but how long will it take to pay for itself?” “Is […]

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