Out of Options: 4 Tips for Spraying in Wet Fields

Originally published 2017 Updated April 2019 It’s been a long winter and that has brought on an extremely wet spring. You’ve waited and waited for your wet field to dry, but it hasn’t. Now weeds are starting to take up residence in your crops. Do you risk soil compaction by bringing your ag sprayer in […]

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3 Things to do before the end of 2013

Freezing temperatures and snowy weather are in full force now, and the shortest day of the year is just around the corner! All the signs of the year’s end are here and the holiday season is underway. As the year wraps up, we have a list of things for you to check out before the […]

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E-help: Get local weather on your smartphone

Storms can sneak up on you when you are busy in the field and leave you little time to get back to the barn. It is important to keep up with the latest weather updates.  Your smartphone can keep you informed. Ensure you have accurate and current weather reports at your disposal on your smartphone […]

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Record yields seen during harvest 2013

High yields seen this year despite some extreme weather conditions. Soybean yields reach new levels Nelson Crow added his name to the top of the list this year with his record breaking soybean crop. He grew 100.78 bushels per acre. While waiting to find out if he would beat the record, Crow said, “We were […]

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5 reasons you need to start planting cover crops

Cover crops are a growing trend. Farmers are finding many benefits from cover crops in their fields and cash crops. Ranging from increased yields to better soil health, farmers have many reasons to plant cover crops. 1. Cover crops help minimize the effects of adverse weather on cash crops According to a survey conducted by […]

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Scouting for weeds and insects is essential in post-flood fields

Most farmers are wrapping up planting, and as crops begin emerging it is time to scout fields for damaging insects. This year’s flood conditions during planting have made many crops more vulnerable to disease and insect damage. Stay on top of your weed, insect and disease concerns by implementing a crop scouting program on your […]

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Data.gov is a new source for agriculture statistics

If you haven’t checked out Data.gov, you are missing out on an opportunity to access a great deal of ag databases, tools and apps. Agriculture information was launched on this site on April 30 and continues to grow. With over 370 datasets available in the agriculture section of Data.gov, a wide range of information is […]

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How crop rotation patterns affect your yield

Crop rotation trends vary depending on the crops growers are dealing with, and these trends can ultimately affect your yield and soil quality. Rotation practices and tillage systems can help you maximize your yield. Certain times when crop prices are high and input costs are low, growers may see value in using a continuous cropping […]

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5 things you should consider to avoid spray drift

Lowering the risk of spray drift is a top priority for any applicator due to the many problems associated with drift. Ranging from government fines to crop damage, spray drift can be a great liability to applicators if not managed appropriately. In order to get the most out of your applications this spring, while lowering […]

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Burndown applications still needed despite saturated fields

The weather is exceptionally wet this spring, and this can bring on the temptation to take a few shortcuts in order to get your fields planted; however, it is important not to skip over your spring burndown application. According to Bob Hartzler from Iowa State University, in the article Don’t Delay the Burndown Application, “This […]

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