Weed resistance concerns won’t slow down in 2014

Changes for 2014 weed management plans are going to be necessary for many farmers. Many signs are pointing to growing concerns with weed resistance for the 2014 growing season. According to a weed resistance survey conducted by BASF, 77% of growers plan to change their weed management program to address glyphosate resistance. More than two-thirds […]

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Application boom height and the battle against weeds

The growing weed resistance problem is changing the way we manage our fields. Chemical companies are releasing new chemicals, which will require new methods in application. The trend in spray application is changing and the focus is on more specific application. Depending on the chemical recommendations, airplane application or high booms may not be viable […]

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5 reasons you need to start planting cover crops

Cover crops are a growing trend. Farmers are finding many benefits from cover crops in their fields and cash crops. Ranging from increased yields to better soil health, farmers have many reasons to plant cover crops. 1. Cover crops help minimize the effects of adverse weather on cash crops According to a survey conducted by […]

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Weed science specialist indicates resistance problems aren’t going away

Aaron Hager, Weed Science and Integrated Pest Management Extension Specialist from the University of Illinois, spoke about the state of weed resistance in Illinois and the implications of different resistant weeds in fields. “One of the most pervasive problems that’s facing many, many farmers and input suppliers across most of the U.S. is weed resistance,” […]

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Scouting for weeds and insects is essential in post-flood fields

Most farmers are wrapping up planting, and as crops begin emerging it is time to scout fields for damaging insects. This year’s flood conditions during planting have made many crops more vulnerable to disease and insect damage. Stay on top of your weed, insect and disease concerns by implementing a crop scouting program on your […]

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Burndown applications still needed despite saturated fields

The weather is exceptionally wet this spring, and this can bring on the temptation to take a few shortcuts in order to get your fields planted; however, it is important not to skip over your spring burndown application. According to Bob Hartzler from Iowa State University, in the article Don’t Delay the Burndown Application, “This […]

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Planning your spring burndown application

Focus on timing and temperatures for higher efficiency. It may still be a little chilly outside to feel like spring, but planting season will be here soon, and it is that time of year to get in your spring burndown herbicide application. Burndowns can prove especially helpful to no-till farmers who are trying to control […]

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Look out for this year’s weeds and insects

Problems resulting from last year’s drought are far from over, and farmers will need to take necessary precautionary steps to stay on top of weed and insect management.  If you haven’t already started planning your management program for this year, now is the time to start. One of the hardest challenges you will encounter with […]

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