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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Self-propelled Sprayer ROI – Part II

Self-propelled Sprayer ROI Part II: Performing a Cost-of-Ownership Calculation Navigating the purchase of a self-propelled (SP) sprayer can be intimidating. You may be asking yourself such questions as: “Can I afford it given the acreage I farm?” “I know it is a good investment, but how long will it take to pay for itself?” “Is […]

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Applicators need to be on guard for early insect emergence

The shorter than usual winter has brought warm weather early this year. Because of this unseasonably warm trend for March, farmers are expected to see more bugs in their fields. “We’re seeing insects active 2-3 weeks early up north this year,” says Phillip Pellitteri, Insect Diagnostician for the University of Wisconsin-Extension. “That’s historic.” Much of […]

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Diesel prices continue to climb

At farm shows across North America recently, we kept hearing one complaint over and over: rising fuel prices. And it seems no relief is in sight. According to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report, the national average price for diesel fuel is $4.087/gallon (as of 3/7/12). Even more staggering, that same national average has not dropped […]

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