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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Drought continues to carryover more problems than dry soil

Many farmers suffered from the drought last year, and now they will continue to with the potential for herbicide carryover in the new planting season. Dry soil mixed with low moisture accumulation created an ideal setting for chemicals to remain in the soil and not breakdown in the off season. The biggest concern with herbicide […]

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Top five things to complete your Apache sprayer spring start up

Glimpses of warmer weather are starting to sneak up across the country, and it is time to start thinking about getting back out in the fields. Before you can get that first fertilizer application on the ground, you should remember these five important spring start up steps for your sprayer. 1. Check fluid levels and […]

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Apache Maintenance: Yearly Checklist

In addition to your daily, weekly and monthly Apache maintenance, there are also parts that need to be checked or replaced on a yearly basis. This checklist is designed for the 20 Series Apache models. Adjust steering toe-in The steering toe-in will rarely need an adjustment, but it is a good idea to check this […]

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There’s an app for that

As the world of apps continues to grow, the vast number of options can quickly become overwhelming. Whether you are trying to calculate ratios for mixing chemicals, monitor field conditions or simply checking the weather, there is an app for that. The vast number of apps available for agriculture allows for many options, but with […]

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Apache Maintenance: Monthly Checklist

Just as important as your daily and weekly maintenance routines, your monthly Apache upkeep is essential to keeping repair costs low and avoiding the unexpected break downs when your time in the field is so important. In addition to the daily and the weekly checklists, check out what else you should be maintaining: Adjustable axles […]

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Conservation programs suffer in 2013

The extension of the Farm Bill has done little to ease the minds of farmers, and has done even less to support conservation programs. While a handful of programs were extended through the Agricultural Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2012, many programs are greatly affected by the extension. source: http:/  The Farm Bill extension keeps […]

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Apache Maintenance: Weekly Checklist

In addition to the daily checklist, your Apache 20 series also needs further maintenance checks on a weekly basis. Regular maintenance on your self-propelled sprayer will help prevent downtime in the fields. Re-torque the wheel lug nuts and boom lead bolts Starting with the wheel lug nuts, check the torque of the rear wheel lug […]

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