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Monthly Archives: March 2013

USDA looks to change definition of “rural” for funding

source: The USDA announced a proposal in February that would change the definition of what rural means. The change in definition would allow places with populations of fewer than 50,000 people to apply for rural development funding programs. A new definition means smaller communities would now contend with larger communities for the same rural funding […]

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Sequester fallout for the ag industry

Budget cuts stemming from the sequestration are quickly becoming a reality, and the effects will trickle down to every sector including agriculture. While it may take a few months for the industry to see the cuts, this summer will start the process. The National Agriculture Statistics Service (NASS) has decided to suspend a variety of […]

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Advancements in precision increase farm efficiency

It’s no secret that precision technology is saving farmers both money and time in the fields, but it wasn’t very long ago that the term “precision agriculture” was new to the scene. Starting with some basic precision ag technology, such as light bar guidance, to more advanced technologies, including autosteer and telematics, this equipment has […]

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Planning your spring burndown application

Focus on timing and temperatures for higher efficiency. It may still be a little chilly outside to feel like spring, but planting season will be here soon, and it is that time of year to get in your spring burndown herbicide application. Burndowns can prove especially helpful to no-till farmers who are trying to control […]

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Find the right seeding depth

Planting seeds at the optimal depth is a critical piece to the growing process. Since a variety of factors work together to determine the best depth for each planting year, it is necessary to evaluate your situation before each planting season. The top factors you will need to consider include: •    Soil moisture •    Soil […]

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Fertilizers in no-till operations

Fertilizer usage and placement in no-till operations is different than the methods used in conventional tillage. Some of the key nutrients to monitor in both tillage operations include nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Below are graphs showing the amount of the nutrient the plant uses, in relation to which part of the plant the nutrient is […]

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Look out for this year’s weeds and insects

Problems resulting from last year’s drought are far from over, and farmers will need to take necessary precautionary steps to stay on top of weed and insect management.  If you haven’t already started planning your management program for this year, now is the time to start. One of the hardest challenges you will encounter with […]

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What to look for on your chemical labels

Before heading out to the fields this spring, here is a quick review on how to read chemical labels and some of the things to look out for. Handling and using chemicals properly will help prevent dangerous situations for yourself and the environment. Understand label contents All chemical labels will contain a variety of information […]

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Crop insurance deadline approaching

March 15 marks the last day to sign up for most federal crop insurance protection options. Last year’s drought makes for a solid argument as to why crop insurance is an important piece of any grower’s risk management plan. source: Without crop insurance, a bad growing season due to weather can wipe out a […]

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