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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Farmers warned to review crop insurance

While planting is wrapping up in many areas, a great deal of farmers still face the possibility of not getting crops in on time for the crop insurance final planting date. Final planting dates vary by area and crop. The final planting date is the last date that acres can be planted and still receive […]

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Farm Bill moves forward with both Senate and House

Committees in both the Senate and House have passed versions of the 2013 Farm Bill. While a final version is far from implementation, it is a step forward. The Senate voted 15 to 5 in favor of the mark up on May 14, and the House voted for the mark up 36 to 10 the […]

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How planting late may require you to adjust your plan

As planting gets further and further behind in many parts of the country, especially in the Midwest which is still dealing with the effects of flooding and a late snow, growers will need to start making adjustments to their crop management plan. Growers will need to consider a variety of factors including: How will the […]

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How crop rotation patterns affect your yield

Crop rotation trends vary depending on the crops growers are dealing with, and these trends can ultimately affect your yield and soil quality. Rotation practices and tillage systems can help you maximize your yield. Certain times when crop prices are high and input costs are low, growers may see value in using a continuous cropping […]

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5 things you should consider to avoid spray drift

Lowering the risk of spray drift is a top priority for any applicator due to the many problems associated with drift. Ranging from government fines to crop damage, spray drift can be a great liability to applicators if not managed appropriately. In order to get the most out of your applications this spring, while lowering […]

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Tire options more critical in wet fields

Depending on the conditions of your field, you may need to consider using different tires to decrease the amount of soil compaction. The right tires can help you cut down on soil compaction while improving traction and fuel efficiency. source: Data from research on soil compaction at the University of Wisconsin indicated 70 to […]

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