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Monthly Archives: April 2014

E-Help: Avoid Internet Explorer — for now

Stop using Internet Explorer. So says the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and, in so many words, Microsoft – the maker of the popular Internet browser. A government advisory released this week said that a security flaw in versions 6 to 11 of Internet Explorer had been discovered, which “can allow a remote, unauthenticated attacker to […]

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E-Help: Heartbleed = vulnerable passwords

As a general practice, changing passwords for websites and digital devices should be a regular part of a user’s online security. That has never been truer than now, with the discovery of the Heartbleed bug. Heartbleed, described by some technology experts as the worst bug they’ve seen, allows hackers to steal personal information from potentially […]

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Read this: Spend time with pesticide labels

Before making that first spraying pass on 2014 crops, a reading assignment is in order. Taking a few minutes to review herbicide and insecticide labels prior to application could save a producer a season’s worth of headaches. Crop protection products registered for use in the United States must have labels approved by the U.S. Environmental […]

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