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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Horsepower must make it to the ground to be effective

When it comes to horsepower farmers can’t seem to get enough when purchasing a self-propelled sprayer. While horsepower rating is important, the percentage of that power actually transferred to the wheels and, ultimately, the ground, is more important, said Jeremy Hurt, Senior Application Specialist for Equipment Technologies. “For instance, it takes a hydrostat sprayer a […]

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Ask the Application Specialists: What is Raven Hawkeye™ and how can it improve my application management?

Raven Hawkeye™ is a pressure-based spray nozzle control system available as an option for all new Apache Sprayers. The system is integrated with Raven’s Viper® 4 field computer and other ISOBUS-compatible terminals to provide more precise droplet sizes and consistent spray patterns from the boom to the field, thereby reducing spray drift. Hawkeye™ comes with […]

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