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Monthly Archives: November 2015

White paper offers spray applicators tips to prevent soil compaction

Farm machinery continues to get bigger and heavier, even as technology advances increase agricultural productivity. But heavier is not necessarily good for the soil. A new Equipment Technologies publication addresses one potential problem: soil compaction. “Soil Compaction and Sprayers: Risk Reduction and Recommendations” focuses solely on self-propelled sprayers and the unique compaction challenges inherent to […]

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Ask the Application Specialists: Should I use windshield washer fluid or RV antifreeze to winterize my sprayer?

Using windshield washer fluid is fine if you make sure it is the lowest temperature version. Many people use windshield washer fluid in northern states and have had good luck with it, but they make sure it will not freeze in temperatures well below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Some versions of windshield washer fluid may not […]

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