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Protect your ears while you work

Farms are full of loud noises that can cause damage to your hearing. You can do a number of things to protect yourself from hearing loss. More farmers are noticing early signs of hearing damage including: Ringing Hissing Roaring Whistling Chirping Clicking According to an article in The Denver Post, “An estimated one-third of the […]

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Safety first out in the fields

Safety is of the upmost importance when working around farm machinery and equipment. By taking precautions on your farm, you can help prevent accidents and injuries to yourself and other farm employees. According to Kansas State University’s Machinery Safety PowerPoint, nearly 1/3 of all farm injuries are caused by falls, and an average of 10 […]

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Apache Maintenance: Monthly Checklist

Just as important as your daily and weekly maintenance routines, your monthly Apache upkeep is essential to keeping repair costs low and avoiding the unexpected break downs when your time in the field is so important. In addition to the daily and the weekly checklists, check out what else you should be maintaining: Adjustable axles […]

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Apache Maintenance: Weekly Checklist

In addition to the daily checklist, your Apache 20 series also needs further maintenance checks on a weekly basis. Regular maintenance on your self-propelled sprayer will help prevent downtime in the fields. Re-torque the wheel lug nuts and boom lead bolts Starting with the wheel lug nuts, check the torque of the rear wheel lug […]

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Apache Maintenance: Daily Checklist

Proper maintenance on your Apache is essential to its longevity and overall performance. Routine maintenance will cut down on downtime in the field and costly repairs. Some maintenance checks only need performed once a year or once a month, while others need to performed every week or daily before and after every use. Let’s review […]

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Practice Sprayer Safety

We’ve noticed in the news recently a growing number of incidents involving sprayers. Some of which have taken place in a field, others have taken place on the roadways. It’s important to be cautious when operating large farm machinery, including your sprayer. Below we’ve listed some general tips to ensure you practice sprayer safety:     […]

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