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Horsepower must make it to the ground to be effective

When it comes to horsepower farmers can’t seem to get enough when purchasing a self-propelled sprayer. While horsepower rating is important, the percentage of that power actually transferred to the wheels and, ultimately, the ground, is more important, said Jeremy Hurt, Senior Application Specialist for Equipment Technologies. “For instance, it takes a hydrostat sprayer a […]

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It’s show time! Farm events require careful planning

Farm shows are a Walt Disney World for growers. Lots to see and do, rides and culinary offerings for every taste, spread out over dozens of acres. And like the famous amusement park built by a cartoon rodent, it’s easy to get lost at farm shows if a visitor doesn’t arrive with a touring plan. […]


Park it and forget it? Not if you want a field-ready sprayer next spring

Harvest is approaching, and with it the end of the 2015 crop season. As growers prepare to store their self-propelled sprayers for the winter they’ll need to do more than simply drive it into the barn, turn it off and close the door, said Mike Flatt, Director of Business Process Improvement for Equipment Technologies. “If […]

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Absolutely, positively must spray a wet field? Follow these tips to minimize risk

You’ve waited and waited and waited for the field to dry, but it hasn’t. Now weeds are starting to take up residence in your crops. Do you risk soil compaction by bringing in your self-propelled sprayer to apply herbicides, or keep holding out for better field conditions? There’s no easy answer, said Jeremy Hurt, Senior […]

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Specialist shines light on nighttime spraying

Weather-related planting delays have many growers burning the midnight oil to complete fieldwork, including chemical application. While spraying after sunset presents unique challenges, it can be as effective as daytime application. Today’s high-tech self-propelled sprayers make it possible for growers to protect their crops any time of day or night, said Jeremy Hurt, Senior Application […]

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Study: Climate changes bring negative change to soybeans

Are climate changes limiting soybean production in the United States? Researchers at the University of Wisconsin think so. In a study of historical yield data, researchers determined that temperature and rainfall variations over the past 20 years have cost soybean growers $11 billion. Shawn Conley, an agronomist and soybean specialist at the University of Wisconsin, […]

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Study finds farmers enjoy high job security

Farming isn’t the easiest job in the world but it’s one of the easiest jobs to keep, according to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and financial company 24/7 Wall Street. The study, which reviewed 2014 unemployment rates among workers in 564 occupations, found that farmers, ranchers and other agricultural managers held […]

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ET introduces new Director of Engineering

Equipment Technologies is pleased to announce the addition of a new Director of Engineering. Veera P. Rajendran joined the company on June 30. He leads the team responsible for the development, design and improvement of Apache Sprayers. “I’m excited to be joining ET,” Rajendran said. “The company has a strong record of growth and growth […]

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Economist: Look to ag for U.S. labor trends

If you want to see the working world of tomorrow, take a look at today’s agriculture. Just as innovation has made it possible for fewer farmers to produce more food, so, too, other industries are likely to increase output at the cost of human laborers. So says Harvard University economist and former U.S. Treasury Secretary […]

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Website is one-stop shop for new farmers

New to farming, or know someone thinking about starting a career in agriculture? The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a new online tool to help you/them get off on the right foot. The New Farmers website provides a wealth of resources for farming and ranching novices, from acquiring capital and land to marketing products locally […]

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