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Pulse-Width Modulation Spraying

Spray smarter, save money with pulse-width modulation Spray drift continues to be a big issue for chemical applicators, and it has led to the rise of digital spraying technology that utilizes pulse-width modulation (PWM). The new sprayer innovation, available on every Apache Sprayer through the Raven HawkeyeTM system, helps operators more efficiently apply chemicals and […]

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Strainer Maintenance and Why They Should Be Replaced

Prevent crop damage with thorough strainer maintenance Spraying even trace amounts of the wrong chemical in your fields can be costly. When you’re lax with inspecting and maintaining your sprayer’s strainers, you run the risk of that happening. Get our crop-saving tips on how to properly maintain the strainers on your self-propelled sprayer from the […]

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Driveline Maintenance and Care

Follow regular driveline maintenance schedules to maximize sprayer performance The key to smooth operation of any machinery is regular maintenance, and Apache Sprayers are no exception. Taking care of routine maintenance on manufacturer-recommended schedules is important to sustaining productive, efficient field operations over the life of your sprayer. Nowhere is that regular maintenance more important […]

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Make Spraying Simple: Why You Should Use Direct Injection

Direct injection adds application efficiency, convenience The process of direct injection means the primary tank contains only water, and since mixing happens in-line, there is no chemical actually entering the main tank. The result is less chemical waste, faster, more efficient mixing in the field and quicker clean-out after you’ve gotten the job done. The […]

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How To Rinse Your Sprayer Right

  Are you getting the most from the chemicals you’re spraying? Part of the answer to that question lies in how well you maintain your sprayer between applications. Properly rinsing out your sprayer can not only help keep the machine in top operating condition, but also prevent crop damage that can cut yields and add […]

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Absolutely, positively must spray a wet field? Follow these tips to minimize risk

You’ve waited and waited and waited for the field to dry, but it hasn’t. Now weeds are starting to take up residence in your crops. Do you risk soil compaction by bringing in your self-propelled sprayer to apply herbicides, or keep holding out for better field conditions? There’s no easy answer, said Jeremy Hurt, Senior […]

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Ask the Application Specialists: Why do you recommend Lucas Oil products for Apache Sprayers?

There are many good engine and hydraulic oils for use in farm machinery, but we recommend Lucas Oil products because in tests we’ve conducted we’ve found them to be superior to other oil products. In our tests Lucas products are better filtered, meaning the oils are cleaner and have fewer particulates. More important is the […]

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Growers should watch their need for speed during application

Today’s self-propelled sprayers allow growers to apply agricultural chemicals to their fields faster than ever before. But there is a limit to just how fast they can go, said Jeremy Hurt, Senior Application Specialist for Equipment Technologies. “When are you going too fast? If you’re uncomfortable in the cab riding across a field, your machine […]

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Specialist shines light on nighttime spraying

Weather-related planting delays have many growers burning the midnight oil to complete fieldwork, including chemical application. While spraying after sunset presents unique challenges, it can be as effective as daytime application. Today’s high-tech self-propelled sprayers make it possible for growers to protect their crops any time of day or night, said Jeremy Hurt, Senior Application […]

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Ask the Application Specialists: How do I flush the wet system after spraying?

It is important to rinse the Apache’s product tank and booms after spray operations, to keep the wet system in proper working order. First, start the sprayer and let it idle. At the fill station, turn the yellow control valve handle to the “Rinse to Pump” location, which allows clean water from the rinse tank […]

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