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Apache Sprayer Literature

You work hard for your money, and that’s why we produce the best, most efficient, affordable agricultural sprayers you can buy: the Apache Sprayer. But we get it. Buying an ag sprayer is not always an easy purchase. That’s why we’ve done our best to compile every fact, figure and piece of sprayer literature we could think of so you can show up to your dealer with exactly what you want in mind. 


For years, Apache sprayers have proven themselves out in the field time and time again, beating out every competitor—and we have the facts to prove it. For starters, our sprayers feature ultimate precision, the smoothest ride in the field, and unmatched traction. Learn more about what sets us apart by checking out our informational flyers.


Get a closer look at specific models by viewing the sprayer specs for our five latest models: from the AS640 to the AS1240XP, we’ve got the perfect 2019 model for you and your operation. Need a lightweight sprayer? We’ve got those. How about a sprayer that can manage a tight turn radius? Yep. Not to mention all of our sprayers come with a powertrain five-year warranty and a state-of-the-art cab experience. And once you decide to give Apache Sprayers a try, you can sign up for a demo and take one for a spin.


And for those that already own one of our amazing machines, find the answer to all your sprayer specs needs in one of our owner manuals, dating all the way back the 2002-2004 Apache and Apache Plus Owner Manual. Because yes, they still work. 

Still not enough sprayer literature for you? You can also take a look at the latest we have to offer in our 2019 Apache Sprayers Catalog by requesting a catalog by mail or by clicking here. The Russian version can also be found below.


Apache Sprayers 2019 Product Literature

Information Flyers

Model Specification Sheets

Owner Manuals


View the Russian version of the Apache Sprayer Catalog here.



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