What Farmers Say About Apache Sprayers

Apache Sprayers are the best sprayers on the planet. But don’t take our word for it. Read and watch the testimonials below that showcase why these farmers believe their Apache Sprayer is making an impact on their farm and bottom line.

Lighter Sprayer = Less Compaction and Crop Damage

“I like the Apache. It’s a narrower machine than some, which means I can put on narrower tires. When I’m doing fungicide in crop, I get very little tramping. I put dividers on it and find that there is very little crop damage. In crop, for weed spraying in the fall, it’s a light enough machine that there’s no compaction. It doesn’t seem to sink at all and that’s where the savings will be. With the duals on the back, that will cut down the compaction.” —Rod Edger from Wolseley, SK Canada

Save Time and Money with Mechanical Drive

“We demoed multiple brands of machines and in the end, we chose Apache because for the price you could not beat the machine. It’s very simple to work on – the Apache Sprayers mechanical drive.  So, that was the main reason we chose to go with mechanical drive – it’s simpler to work on and less expensive. It’s just a very simple machine and because of that we have very few breakdowns.” —Matt Braun from Hobert, OK

Low Maintenance Machines: Just “Grease it and Go”

“The spray system works great and the section shut off, once everything is set up, it does what it’s supposed to. And that’s a piece of mind for us and we don’t have to worry about that. The maintenance on these machines is very minimal other than greasing and oil changes. In the wet years it’s taken some punishment and it’s held up for us. Like I say, we just grease it and go and check things over and we’ve had no troubles. That’s why there’s another one in the yard.” —Kevin Zepick, Kipling, SK Canada

Run the Numbers, Then Run with Apache

“I traded to an Apache about 6 years ago and this is my second Apache…At the price point now, I wouldn’t be without it. I wouldn’t be out without my own sprayer. I was just at a meeting talking to another farmer and he was running 3,000 or 4,000 acres and I said, you know you really should put the numbers together because you would be amazed at what you’d save. And the fuel economy is amazing.” —Garnet Berg from Dawson Creek, SK Canada

Farmer Selects Apache: The Lighter, More Comfortable Sprayer

“I looked at all the other sprayer brands and thought they were a lot heavier. My neighbor’s got four-wheel drive sprayers but I seem to be able to go through the same stuff they do, even though their machine is heavier. I looked at a couple of other two-wheel machines and just didn’t like the way they were laid out or the fit and finish. That’s why I stayed with the Apache.” —Ryan Miner from Riverhurst, SK Canada

Apache Sprayers: Machines that Hold Their Value

“With lower commodity prices Apache is in a position to do better than some competitors because of the value that these machines provide.” —Bart Beattie from Sumner, NE

(Bart is one of six Apache owners we spoke with about their Apache sprayer(s). Other owners are quoted in this video as well.)

Less Weight Means Less Soil Compaction

“Real light compared to our tractor and pull-type [sprayer].” —Kyle Matsche from Birnamwood, WI 

360 Degree View and More Farm Safety on the Road

“The visibility while spraying is great. As far as I’m concerned, the Apache is about the best sprayer I’ve ever sat in.” —Darin Kincaid from Kincaid, MO

(Darin is one of five Apache owners we spoke with about their Apache sprayer(s). Other owners are quoted in this video as well.)

Spray at Night with the Apache Standard Lighting Package

“This thing is lit up like a Christmas tree. The cab is good looking out. It’s got the lights pointing out on the booms. It’s no different than the day time, really. I mean you can just go right on and keep right on spraying.” — Leon Green from Caneyville, KY
“The field lights and the boom lights are excellent. I felt very comfortable using them.” —Todd Schapman from Romeo, MI 
(Leon and Todd are is two of nine Apache owners we spoke with about their Apache sprayer(s). Other owners are quoted in this video as well.)

Phenomenal Return on Investment

 “It’s phenomenal the return on investment it brings back. It’s a hundred thousand dollars less than any other machine, and we’re pretty green around here. With this thing we were able to go brand new versus used with the green machine.” —Andy Smidt from Trumbull, NE

Best Sprayer Resale Value

“I was surprised with the resale value. It was almost as much as we paid for the thing new, so I can’t complain about that. When it came time to trade up sprayers we didn’t look anywhere else but Apache.” –Chris Kimerer from Britton, MI


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