Build Your Sprayer Your Way.

With Apache, you have the freedom to choose the upgrades & options YOU want to build your New 2022 Apache Sprayer. Our sprayers are reliable for many reasons, one being our lean manufacturing to build sprayers exactly the way you want them. That means we don’t force you to pay for the things you don’t want or need. Our “a la carte” menu gives you the freedom to choose upgrades, so your sprayer is customized for you and your operational needs.

Sprayer Options for AS and HS Series

Fence-Row Nozzles

Obstacles are no match for Apache Sprayers’ fence-row nozzles.
Ideal for spray applications involving obstacles or tight spaces such as fence lines, power outer edges of fields. Our optional nozzles are can be added to the left or right side of the boom, or both.

  • Excellent low drift option while extending spray reach
  • Large droplet size reduces spray drift and promotes spray penetration
  • Maintains a consistent spray swath of 15-20 feet over a pressure range of 30-60 psi
  • Can be used with manual or automatic rate controllers

3-inch Product Fill

Fill up faster thanks to the upgraded 3-inch diameter product fill connection. You’d be surprised how much of a difference the additional 1-inch will make.

Options for AS Series

Hypro® Cleanload

The Hypro Cleanload is a self-contained eductor system that allows operators to mix liquid and dry chemicals safely and quickly.

All crop protection chemistry is mixed at ground
level, ensuring the safety of both the operator and the

  • Prevents cross contamination 
  • Efficient and fast chemical loading


If you want mud splash-back protection, fenders are a the-go-to option to prevent dust and mud clogs. Available in the front, rear, or a combination of each.

Enhanced Lighting Package

Our optional LED lighting package produces more light, while consuming less energy. This lighting package features 64 LED bulbs, located above the grille and cab and next to the fill station. The lights are situated to reduce bounceback reflection.

Operator Comfort Options

Climate-Controlled Leather Seat

Too hot or too cold in the cab? Our climate-controlled leather seats provide added comfort no matter the weather.

Power Mirror

Operators have the option of adjusting the single power side mirror attached to the cab from within the cab. Available on the AS850, AS1050, AS1250, and AS1250XP models.

Stainless Steel Tank

Ready to go big or go home?  Introducing the all-new stainless steel tank, an exclusive option for the AS1250 and AS1250 XP Sprayers.

AS1250 Options

Extra Power with 1250XP

The XP package from Apache Sprayers provides the perfect combination of power, traction and efficiency, along with the simplicity of a mechanical drive transmission.

Boom Options

Boom Package

Apache Sprayers offer a stronger, more flexible, better protected and lower-maintenance boom package. Better cushioning on the boom rack minimizes wear and tear. Boom wings break away when coming into contact with trees and other immovable objects, and spring back into place when the obstacle is passed. A common boom manifold allows for upgrades and boom extension.

ET Custom Booms
  • All ET booms are sandblasted and powder coated prior to assembly
  • ET booms are custom made by a company owned by two Purdue University mechanical engineers
  • We own the design to our booms, which we have continuously improved for more than a decade
  • Boom tilt functions and rear boom rack cylinders are each connected to nitrogen-charged accumulators
  • Accumulators provide suspension for the entire boom, providing cushion and shock absorption
  • Saves wear and tear not only on the boom, but also the chassis and the operator

  • 120′ and 132′ aluminum booms
  • Hydraulic folding between first and second sections (AutoBoom is required)
  • Boom tilt functions and rear boom rack cylinders are each connected to nitrogen-charged accumulators
  • Accumulators provide suspension for the entire boom, providing cushion and shock absorption
  • Saves wear and tear not only on the boom, but also the chassis and the operator

Tire Options

Michelin® Agriculture Tires come standard on all Apache Sprayers. We also offer alternative options for narrows, duals and floats. Every tire used by Apache is inspected upon assembly to ensure that farmers enjoy a long service life. We look for excellent traction and lateral stability with robust crowns and deep tread bars to coincide with our unmatched traction expectations.


Front Standard 380/85R34  15″AgribibMichelin
Front Optional 380/80R38  15″AgribibMichelin
Front Narrow 380/85R38  12.6″DT800Goodyear
Rear Standard 320/80R38  15″AgribibMichelin
Rear Flotation 620/70R42  24.4″MegaxbibMichelin
Rear Flotation 800/65R32  31.5″MegaxbibMichelin
Rear Optional 380/90R46  15″SpraybibMichelin
Rear Narrow 320/90R50  12.6″Ultra SprayerGoodyear

AS750, AS1050, AS1250

Front Standard 380/80R38  15″AgribibMichelin
Front Narrow 320/85R38  12.6″DT800Goodyear
Rear Standard 380/90R48  15″SpraybibMichelin
Rear Narrow 320/90R50  12.6″Ultra SprayerGoodyear
Rear Flotation 620/70R42  24.4″MegaxbibMichelin
Rear Flotation 800/65R32  31.5″MegaxbibMichelin
Rear Dual Standard 380/90R46  15″SpraybibMichelin
Rear Dual Narrow 320/90R50  12.6″Ultra SprayerGoodyear

Already an Apache Sprayer owner and want to add an option? Simply contact your local Apache Dealer to inquire about parts upgrades for your unit. If you do not know where your Apache Dealer is located please use our Dealer Locator or Contact Us.

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