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Monthly Archives: May 2018

5 Tips for Buying a Sprayer in a Down Ag Economy

After facing years of challenging grain markets, general farmer optimism is starting to rebound. As improving sentiment translates into making much-needed machinery purchases – including sprayers – it’s important for potential buyers to stay well-informed about local market conditions and how factors like available inventory and demand influence prices. At the same time, it’s important […]

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Make Spraying Simple: Why You Should Use Direct Injection

Direct injection adds application efficiency, convenience The process of direct injection means the primary tank contains only water, and since mixing happens in-line, there is no chemical actually entering the main tank. The result is less chemical waste, faster, more efficient mixing in the field and quicker clean-out after you’ve gotten the job done. The […]

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How To Rinse Your Sprayer Right

  Are you getting the most from the chemicals you’re spraying? Part of the answer to that question lies in how well you maintain your sprayer between applications. Properly rinsing out your sprayer can not only help keep the machine in top operating condition, but also prevent crop damage that can cut yields and add […]

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