Compare Us To The Competition

Compare Us To The Competition

There are numerous brands of sprayers on the market—so what makes Apache the best? Unlike our competitors, building sprayers is all we do. It’s all we think about from sunup to sundown. We obsess over every detail—from the hood to the boom tips—to build the best pound-for-pound sprayer on the planet. But don’t just take our word for it. Compare us. We hope you do.


Apache vs. Custom Application:

  • Timing. Owning your own sprayer allows you to spray when you need to.
  • Quality. Doing it yourself gives you the confidence that it gets done right.
  • Cost. It pays to perform your own spray application.


Apache vs. Pull-Type Sprayers:

  • Speed. Spray the same number of acres in half the time.
  • Comfort. Enjoy a smoother, more comfortable ride.
  • Clearance. Higher clearance allows you to spray later into the season.
  • Performance. Less potential soil compaction and better fuel efficiency, all without adding hours on your tractor.
  • Resale. Apache Sprayers retain (on average) 72 percent of their value after five years.


Apache vs. Other Sprayers:

  • Maintenance. Simple mechanical drive is easier and less expensive to maintain.
  • Compaction. Weighing 3,000 to 14,000 pounds less, Apache is lighter and reduces yield-robbing compaction.
  • Power. The Apache’s lighter construction provides more Power-to-the-Ground™ than competing sprayers. That way you get a lot more from your horsepower.
  • Cost. Less initial investment. Lower ownership cost. Less fuel. Better resale value.


Lighter By Design

When it comes to big iron equipment, some think the heavier the better. At Apache, we strongly disagree. Apache Sprayers are lightweight by design, weighing 20,000 pounds on average. That’s about 3,000 pounds to 14,000 pounds less than comparable models.

So what are the advantages to owning a lighter self-propelled sprayer?

    • Less Soil Compaction. The weight of large farm equipment can cause compaction to the root zone. Bottom line: heavier
      equipment means deeper, more harmful soil compaction.
    • Lower Operating Costs. Heavier machines consume more fuel. Ever wondered what makes them heavier in the first place? Typically, it’s due to additional parts and components that you may someday have to replace.
    • A Smoother Ride. The lightweight body, flex-frame construction and mechanical drive transmission of Apache Sprayers produce a smoother, more flexible and more powerful ride.


“When people phone me to ask, ‘Should I buy a new Apache Sprayer?’ I’m saying absolutely. I’ve never had anything go wrong with my Apache Sprayer in the 15 years I’ve been running Apache.” – Chad Dobson, Herschel, SK


List price is based on a sprayer with fenders, premium leather seat, 100 foot boom, Viper® 4, AccuBoomTM, UltraGlide AutoBoom® and SmarTraxTM AutoSteer. Power-to-the-GroundTM: HP per 1,000 lbs is calculated by: hp x efficiency ÷ weight x 1,000.

AS730 Competitor Comparison Table

AS1030 Competitor Comparison Table

AS1230 Competitor Comparison Table

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