AS1040 Sprayer

The Best Selling Apache

We don’t sacrifice comfort. You’ll find no smoother ride than with the Apache’s flex-frame and pivoting front axles. Our 1,000-gallon AS1040 sprayer fits perfectly for most any farming operation size. A durable ZF 6-speed power shifting transmission, equipped with a lock-up torque converter, doubles the engine’s torque. The lock-up function couples the engine to the transmission, creating a direct drive transmission. Our transmissions are battle tested year-round in extreme conditions by world-class off-highway heavy equipment makers. You get the shifting power you need, without the added weight.

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Unique Features of the Apache AS1040

Tank Capacity
1,000 gallons
ZF Power Shift, 6-speed w/lock-up torque converter

Cummins Engine
Tier 4F 225 hp
Top Road Speed
35 MPH
20,000 lbs.
(approx. dry weight)

Crop Clearance
JCB 42″ with planetary final drive, 50″ with 18″ drop box all-gear final drives (optional)



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 2 reviews
by BJ Osborn, Bunker Hill Supply Hutsonville, Ill. on AS1030 Sprayer
The Apache flex-frame is great.

The frame on the Apaches absorbs a lot of the twists and the bumps in conjunction with the suspension. You can visibly see the frame flexing as it's going across the field. It lasts a lot longer than a fixed-frame because it moves, and the fixed-frame can't move.

by Joe Salem Cimarron, Kan. on AS1030 Sprayer
Switching to the Apache cut my maintenance costs down to little or nothing!

When I went to the Apache, it cut my maintenance cost down to little or nothing. I have had no problems with it whatsoever. I don't think there's a better sprayer made. It's just fantastic.


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