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How to Rinse Your Ag Sprayer

  Are you getting the most from the chemicals you’re spraying? Part of the answer to that question lies in how well you maintain your sprayer between applications. A properly cleaned and rinsed sprayer system not only helps keep your machine in top operating condition, but also prevent crop damage that can cut yields and […]

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5 Tips for Storing & Handling DEF

Apache Sprayers now operate Tier 4 Final Cummins diesel engines, making them perform better while running cleaner and with a much smaller impact on the environment. But, those engines do bring with them a new maintenance issue for operators. Though it’s one with which many will likely already be familiar, it’s important to ensure diesel […]

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How to Winterize a Sprayer: Essential Apache Sprayer Guide

Proper sprayer winterization of the application system helps to prevent damage due to freezing. Please follow this Apache Winterization Guide to protect your sprayer this winter. The spray system may contain as many as five separate plumbing loops, or circuits, that are all related to the application system. Thorough flushing of each loop is essential […]

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Winterization: A Critical Step in Sprayer Maintenance

What is the biggest mistake to be made in ag sprayer maintenance? Skipping the sprayer winterization process. Besides helping you get a jump start on the busy season, winterizing and storing your Apache Sprayer can prevent damage caused by freezing temperatures, improve longevity and ensure your resale value. “Winterizing a sprayer can become an ‘out […]

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The Argument for Fall Spraying + Tips for Success

Most growers are gearing up for fall spraying, but there are a few hold outs who don’t see the point, we’ve got some news for you — fall applications are extremely beneficial. Allow us to tell you why (plus, we’ve got a few tips for you). Control Weeds, Insects and Corn Residue While fall treatments […]

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Whether you are top dressing wheat or doing pre-plant herbicide applications, there are a few things to remember when servicing sprayer nozzles and tips. To help our customers solve some of the most prevalent problems in the field, the Apache Sprayer team got together with additional experts within the industry to gather the best tips […]

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Sprayer Nozzle Selection 101

Selecting the proper sprayer nozzle type is essential for proper pesticide application. The nozzle is a major factor in: Determining the amount of spray applied Uniform application Coverage reaching its target surface Nozzles break the liquid into droplets, form the spray pattern, and propel the droplets in the proper direction. They also determine the amount […]

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