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With Apache, You Have Options
We build sprayers with the Precision Ag options you want. That means you only pay for what you need. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

From the industry-leading, 5-year warranty, to being the only 4-time winner of the “Highest Retained Value” award by EquipmentWatch™, Apache Sprayers provides the lowest cost of ownership and the highest return on investment.

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Apache Large Capacity Sprayers

AS1250XP Mechanical Drive
Maximum Spray Capacity

AS1250 XP

The AS1250 and AS1250XP are the largest capacity sprayer in the AS lineup, yet weigh far less than the competition. The XP model features added horsepower and is adaptable to ensure it meets all of your spraying needs.

Tank Capacity: 1,200 gal Weight: 22,500 lbs

Crop Clearance: 50″ with 18″ dropbox all-gear final drives.

Engine: Cummins Performance Series V, 260 hp (rated)

Cummins Performance Series V, 300 hp (rated)

AS1250 XP with Stainless Steel Tank and 120′ Booms

Precision Options

AS1250XP and HS1100

HS1100 Hydrostat Drive
Maximum Crop Clearance

Conquer early and late season application with one sprayer.- the HS1100. Our rear boom sprayer easily adjusts ground clearance from 60” – 70” with just the touch of a button.

Tank Capacity: 1,120 gal Weight: 28,225 lbs

Crop Clearance: 60″ to 70″ adjustable on-the-go

Engine: Cummins 6.7L 300 hp (rated)

Contact us today for more information on Apache Model Year 2022 and your free-no-obligation sales quote.

Ranked Highest Retained Value

By EquipmentWATCH

Apache Sprayers are simple, dependable, and generate an impressive return on investment.

But don’t just take our word for it Apache customers say it better…

“Buying six Apaches was an efficient use of capital. We have been able to cover more acres in less time with Apache, so our long workdays have gotten shorter. Our operators love the machines”.  
Robin Guyer
Hutsonville, Illinois

“A warranty is a peace-of-mind thing. Having a five-year warranty is a definite asset even if you don’t use it. It tells me that the Apache folks are quite confident in their machine, even if we’ve never had to use it.”
Kevin Zepick
Kipling, Saskatchewan

“The dependability, the pricing, and the serviceability – it’s the complete package.  It was a no-brainer to me.  Our custom applicators were in the $5-$7 range. We’re comfortably underneath $3/acre with our Apache sprayer“.
Pervis Ellis
Harrisburg, Illinois




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