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Apache Sprayers are Simple to Run and Easy to Own.

From the industry-leading, 5-year warranty to the 4-time winner of the “Highest Retained Value” award by EquipmentWatch™, the time is right to invest in an Apache Self-Propelled Sprayer.

But don’t just take our word for it. Apache customers say it best…

Not only has my Apache paid for itself, but the fact that I still own the machine today after seven years says a lot about the value- It is light and nimble, and the structure is solid. It’s been a really good machine”.  

The Orem’s

“We farm around 6000 acres. Being able to cover a massive amount of acres in a day is so critical. Having a dependable sprayer with a large capacity, like the one we have with Apache, is not just efficient but necessary if you are going to be a top producer”.

Brad Damery

Apache Sprayers are Simple, Dependable, and Built Strong to conquer the toughest field conditions in Missouri.

AS1250 and 1250XP Maximum Spray Capacity

The AS1250 and AS1250XP are the largest capacity sprayer in the AS lineup, yet they weigh far less than the competition. The XP model features added horsepower and is adaptable to meet all your spraying needs.

AS1250 and AS1250XP XP Mechanical Drive

Product Tank Capacity: 1,200 gal 

Engine: AS1250 XP: Cummins Performance Series V, 300 hp (rated)

Engine AS1250: Cummins Performance Series V, 260 hp (rated)

Crop Clearance: 50″ with 18″ dropbox all-gear final drives.

HS1100 Maximum Crop Clearance

HS1100 Hydrostatic

Product Tank Capacity: 1,120 gallons
Weight: 28,225 lbs
Rated Horsepower: 300HP
Engine: Cummins QSB6.7 300HP (rated) 
Transmission: Rexroth Hydrostatic
Crop Clearance: 60″-70″ hydraulic adjustable
Four-Wheel Steer: Slope compensation and back axle correction.
Crab-Steer: Enhanced mobility in tight places

AS1050 An Ideal Fit

Our 1,000-gallon AS1050 is an ideal fit for almost any operation. Large enough for higher rate application yet still lightweight, maneuverable with great visibility.

AS1050 Mechanical Drive

Product Tank Capacity: 1,000 gallons
Weight: 20,200 lbs
Engine: Cummins QSB6.7 Performance Series 225HP (rated)
Transmission: ZF power shift 6 speed
Crop Clearance: 42″ with JCB planetary final drive or 50″ with 18″ drop box all-gear final drives

AS850 Midsize without Compromise

An ideal balance between our compact and large capacity-sized sprayers, the AS850 features an 800-gallon spray tank and a Cummins B4.5 Performance Series engine, so you won’t have to compromise spray capacity and reliability.

AS850 Mechanical Drive
Midsize without Compromise

Product Tank Capacity: 800 gallons
Weight: 18,400 lbs
Engine: Cummins B4.5 Performance Series 200HP (rated)
Transmission: JCB Powershift 4-Speed
Crop Clearance: 42″ with JCB planetary final drive or 50″ with 18″ drop box all-gear final drives

AS650 Small But Tough

Rugged, nimble, and built to go where others won’t dare. The AS650 is one tough sprayer with comfort and upgrades to spare. Uncompromising capability and elevated performance are the hallmarks of the AS650. The AS650 is compact, lightweight, and agile — and the best small self-propelled sprayer in the industry. 

AS650 Mechanical Drive
Small But Tough

Product Tank Capacity: 650 gallons
Weight: 16,900 lbs
Engine: Cummins QSB4.5 163HP (rated)
Transmission: JCB 4 speed power-shift
Crop Clearance: : 42″ or 48″ based on tire selection

Discover the simplicity, durability, and profitability of Apache Sprayers.
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Before you go check out Apache Sprayers BreakAway Steel Boom and Common Rack!


Our Apache steel boom with a mid-boom breakaway system is structurally engineered to last the lifetime of the machine.

  • Available in 60/90 or 60/100 configurations
  • Intermediate steel boom breakaway with virtual maintenance-free components that are easily bolted on and off.

Designed for both the Apache Steel Breakaway Boom and the Pommier aluminum boom. Either way, you choose, you get the best center rack we’ve ever experienced.

• Prevents boom strikes and improves operator ride. Controlled tests resulted in a 100% reduction in ground strikes vs. the previous rack design.

• Adjustable hydraulic cylinder dampeners tailored for local conditions.

• Compatible with our boom leveling options




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