HS1100 Hydrostatic Sprayer MY2022

Engineered for those seeking performance, flexibility, and maximum crop clearance

  • Conquer late-season spraying application: the Apache HS1100 adjusts automatically on-the-go from 60 to 70 inches for maximum crop clearance.
  • Ideal for large acreage growers: equipped with the impressive 300 horsepower Cummins engine, and 1,120-gallon spray tank.
  • Better control on hills and headlands: features four-wheel steering and slope compensation with back axle correction.
  • Crab steer mode allows for enhanced mobility in tight places.
  • Backed with an industry-leading 5-year warranty.

MY2022 Enhancement: New Center Console

  • The new modern operator interface is designed with the best ergonomic comfort in mind by utilizing the common joystick, display, digital keypad and buttons offering similar style and ease of operation of proven Apache models.
  • The streamlined control system for HS1100 brings together the proven Bosch hydrostatic controllers with Apache-proven ACTIA and Raven boom control system components for superior control of drive train, boom and auxiliary functions for ease of operation and in-field service.

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HS1100 Sprayer: Key Features

  • Product Tank Capacity: 1,120 gallons
  • Weight: 28,225 lbs
  • Engine: Cummins T4F
  • Transmission: Rexroth Hydrostatic
  • Crop Clearance: 60″-70″ hydraulic adjustable
  • Four-Wheel Steer: Slope compensation and back axle correction.
  • Crab-Steer: Enhanced mobility in tight places

HS1100 Additional Standard Features

  • Fenders: Our fenders to help keep things clean and prevent dust and mud clogs. Available in the front, rear, or a combination of each.
  • Enhanced Lighting Package: Our LED lighting package produces more light, while consuming less energy. This lighting package features 64 LED bulbs, located above the grille and cab and next to the fill station. The lights are situated to reduce bounceback reflection. LED bulbs have an average lifespan of tens of thousands of hours.

HS1100 Options

Our sprayers are reliable for many reasons, one being our lean manufacturing to build sprayers exactly the way you want them. That means we don’t force you to pay for the things you don’t want or need. Our “a la carte” menu gives you the freedom to choose upgrades, so your sprayer is customized for you and your operational needs.

  • Fence-Row Nozzles: These added nozzles are great for keeping fence lines and outer edges of fields clean. The extra nozzle can be added to the left or right side of the boom, or both.
  • 3-Inch Product Fill: Fill up faster thanks to the upgraded 3-inch diameter product fill connection.

Want to know more about HS1100 Sprayer or see it in action?

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