I Bet Your Booms Can’t Do This!

Speed, rough terrain, and objects that don’t move—bring it on! Apache Sprayers ALL-NEW steel booms with a common center rack, conquer the toughest field conditions.

Field Test Video: Check out our new steel boom featuring the unique mid-boom breakaway system! Our NEW steel boom and common center rack are now available in black

New Steel Boom Wings

Introducing Apache Sprayers all-new steel boom with a new common center rack available in 60/90 or 60/100 boom width configurations. Structurally designed to withstand the demands of tough operating environments our new steel booms feature a unique mid-boom breakaway.

New Apache Steel Breakaway Boom for Model Year 2023 is available now in black with aluminum tips as shown above and below.

Mid Boom Breakaway

The main steel boom structure is designed to last the life of the machine. Sensible and effective wear components simply bolt on and are easily replaced when needed. Our multi-point boom breakaway system includes a three-axis (forward, backward, and up), self-resetting system and is completely maintenance-free.

Our new Steel Boom during testing (displayed above and below in grey) is now available in black.

Flexible Nozzle Spacing

Fully open boom bottom provides easy access to nozzles and plenty of space for PWM control systems, different nozzle spacing options, boom recirculation plumbing, stream bars and drop nozzles.

New Common Boom Rack

Our new boom center rack is designed for both the new steel boom and the Pommier aluminum boom. Either way, you choose, you get the best center rack we’ve ever experienced.


• Prevents boom strikes and improves operator ride.
• Controlled testing achieved a 100% reduction in ground strikes vs. the previous rack design.
• Adjustable hydraulic cylinder dampeners tailored for local conditions.
• Compatible with our boom leveling options.

New Common Boom Rack is designed for both the new steel boom and the Pommier aluminum boom.

New Center Rack Suspension

Center pivoting and self-balancing, our new rack suspension features coil springs with adjustable hydraulic cylinder dampeners that infinitely adjust to local conditions. Why does this matter? Simply put, it isolates the roll of the chassis from the roll of the boom keeping your tips out of the dirt. Plus, it provides an improved operator ride without the need for complicated and expensive electronics.

Experience the NEW Breakaway Steel Boom and Common Center Rack today!

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