Apache Sprayers to Launch New, Compact AS630 Sprayer at the 2018 National Farm Machinery Show

All-New Apache Sprayer AS630

Equipment Technologies Introduces the All-New Apache AS630 Sprayer

Apache Sprayers has built its reputation around providing producers with a powerful, yet affordable sprayer for every field condition. With a need in the market for a more compact self-propelled sprayer, Equipment Technologies developed the Apache AS630 Sprayer, which will be launched at the 2018 National Farm Machinery Show.

The Apache AS630 is compact, lightweight and agile — and the most affordable self-propelled sprayer in the industry. It was built to meet the needs of farmers who want to upgrade to a self-propelled and spray on their own or the larger producer that needs an extra sprayer for their operation.

“Whether the AS630 is used as the first, second or third sprayer in an operation, operators can rest easy knowing they will enjoy the reliability and simplicity that comes with every Apache Sprayer,” said Matt Hays, CEO of Equipment Technologies. “The Apache brand was recently honored with the EquipmentWatchTM Highest Retained Value Award for the third consecutive year — we’re creating quality products that are built to last and the AS630 is no different.”

At just 16,900 pounds the AS630 is the lightest self-propelled sprayer made by Equipment Technologies. Key features include a 650-gallon tank, independent front suspension provides a smooth ride and operator comfort. A narrow axle option and tight turning radius enables easy road travel, ample gate clearance and superior machine maneuverability for tight field conditions. The AS630 also features a 4-speed JCB Powershift transmission, a powerful 168 hp Cummins engine and a narrow 90- or 120-inch, front-axle design.

The AS630 also provides mind-blowing operator comfort with a state-of-the-art 360-degree view, comfort cab and a simple user interface. The Grayhill touchscreen display uses a rugged, scratch-resistant and anti-glare screen for superior visual performance in extreme conditions. Operators can also utilize the Raven Viper® 4+ with PWM product pump control for improved application rates, Raven 600S GPS antenna, high performance dual-frequency receivers and more.

“Buyers comparing features, ease of use, warranty, durability, cost of operation and return on investment are finding that Apache has the competition beat — the AS630 solidifies that,” Hays said.

For more information about the AS630 sprayer, visit apachesprayers.com/AS630 or contact your local Apache Sprayers Dealer.




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