Westside Implement Joins the Apache Dealer Network

CLARK, South Dakota (October 1, 2016) – Westside Implement recently joined the Apache dealer network as an authorized Apache Sprayer Dealer in Clark, South Dakota.

Westside Implement is a premier agriculture equipment dealer in the Dakotas for diverse row crop, small grain farming, feeder cattle, cow/calf operations and dairies. As a current tractor-pulled sprayer supplier, the sprayer industry is nothing new to Westside. The dealership became interested in offering Apache due to the ever-increasing demand for self-propelled sprayers in the Dakotas, said Kyle Gaikowski, Owner of Westside Implement.

“There has been a big transition in the Dakotas and we are ready to be a supplier,” Gaikowski said.
“Apache came to us with a solid product. I have talked to (Apache) owners in our area and they’ve all had very positive things to say.”

The parts, service and sales team at Westside Implement has worked with an Apache service specialist and participated in sales training at the Apache headquarters in Mooresville, Indiana. This winter, two Westside service tech employees will also head to the ET Works Ag Center for the Apache full-service training certification.

Westside Implement plans to introduce growers to the Apache line-up with on-the-farm demonstrations in the coming months. “This will provide farmers the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat and experience firsthand what an Apache sprayer has to offer,” Gaikowski said.

Learn more about Westside Implement at www.westsideimplement.com.

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