2016 Apache Precision Ag Options



The Raven Hawkeye™ application system is available as a factory-installed option on all Apache models. Hawkeye takes precision to the next level, allowing operators to determine application rates down to individual spray nozzles. It allows you to vary spray pressure independent of speed and rate. Hawkeye is built on the ISOBUS communication platform.

The Hawkeye Advantage

• Nozzle-by-nozzle turn compensation standard
• Fully integrated with machine application control systems
• ISO compatible, including the Viper® 4
• Simple and clean setup and calibration
• Individual valve diagnostics monitor each nozzle
• Adjustable pressure on the fly, including 2 preset pressures


Field Computers and Controllers

• Brain of every precision system
• Provides centralized controls for all options

GPS Antenna and Receivers

• Determines accuracy of most other precision options
• Greater accuracy equals reduced input costs, reduced crop damage
• Less time spent in the field

Automatic Section Shut-Off

• Standard with 2016 factory-install of Raven™ or Trimble® field computer
• Auto shut-off of booms helps avoid spraying in no-spray zones
• Set overlap of spray product from pass to pass
• Reduces input costs
• Reduces operator stress and fatigue
• Allows for faster speeds in rows and turns

Auto Steering

• Creates precise lines in rows automatically
• Reduces time and input costs
• Travel at faster speeds in rows and turns
• Less crop damage
• Reduces operator stress and fatigue

Boom Height Leveling

• Automatically controls height of boom above ground
• User-friendly controls with instant power-on
• Greater boom stability
• Decreased wear and tear on boom
• Faster application speeds
• More even application
• Smoother ride and lower service costs
• Reduces operator stress and fatigue

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