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If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re ready to advance your farming operation by switching from a pull-behind sprayer to a self-propelled sprayer for field application. The fact you’re here on this site means you’re interested in the simplest, most dependable and affordable self-propelled sprayer on the market—Apache Sprayers.

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Not quite certain that switching from a pull-behind sprayer to a self-propelled sprayer is the right move? Let’s review the many reasons to switch.

The Hidden Operating Costs of Pull-Behind Sprayers

Sure, pull-behind sprayers cost less up front—but consider the hidden operating costs.

FUEL CONSUMPTION: Heavy, high-horsepower tractor burns more fuel.

COMPACTION: Tractor + pull-behind sprayer = more weight and more compaction.

CROP DAMAGE: The extra set of tire tracks from the tractor and pull-behind sprayer in addition to the lower crop clearance of the sprayer take a toll on your crop.

The Inefficiencies of Pull-Behind Sprayers

Pull-behind sprayers are a drag on productivity, with numerous inefficiencies and inconveniences compared to self-propelled sprayers such as:

TIME CONSUMPTION: It takes twice as long to spray the same acreage.

LABOR AND CUSTOM APPLICATION: Taking twice as long may mean hiring help to get the job done.

OPERATOR FATIGUE: Tractor + pull-behind sprayer = rougher ride for whoever’s in the tractor seat.

Self-Propelled Sprayers are More Affordable than You Think—Especially Apache Sprayers

The cost of owning and operating a self-propelled sprayer is often less than a pull-behind sprayer, and Apache is the most affordable self-propelled sprayer on the market.

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Apache Sprayers provide unsurpassed value, retailing for as much as $120,000 LESS than other self-propelled sprayers.

HIGHEST RESALE: Apache Sprayers retain an average of 72 percent of their value after five years — the highest in the industry. That’s why EquipmentWatch™ has recognized Apache Sprayers as the “Highest Retained Value” in the industry three years running in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

5-YEAR POWERTRAIN WARRANTY: The industry’s most affordable self-propelled sprayer is backed by the industry’s best warranty.

Take the Next Step Toward More Efficient and Affordable Spraying

Contact us to complete a personalized savings estimate for switching your farm to an Apache self-propelled sprayer. Just fill out the form below and prepare to pull ahead in spray application.

WARNING: You will likely find owning an Apache self-propelled sprayer is more affordable and rewarding than you think.




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