Self-Propelled Sprayer Return on Investment Part I: Five things you need to know before you buy

In part one of this two-part white paper, we will explore the five most relevant factors you need to look at when comparing a pull-behind (PB) to a self-propelled (SP) sprayer. We are starting with this comparison because in order to understand the R.O.I. of a SP sprayer, you must first understand why it is superior to alternative application methods, particularly pull-behind sprayers.

Unless you already own a SP sprayer, you are likely in one of two camps: you either own a PB sprayer or you hire custom applicators. In reality, you may be doing both. As you contemplate owning your own sprayer, you intuitively know that a SP sprayer would be better to have on the farm and be far more efficient than a PB, but at what cost? And, most importantly, at what return?

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