Used Sprayers

Used Sprayers 

Forget buyer’s remorse — buy a used Apache Sprayer. Those aren’t empty words; we’ve done the research and there are more benefits to buying a used Apache sprayer than what meets the eye.

Experience Great Value

We’re talking directly to your wallet here. The previous owner already did the heavy financial lifting, which means you don’t have to. In most cases, Apache Sprayer owners sell so that they can upgrade — not because there’s a problem.

>>> Calculate your Apache Sprayer return on investment (ROI) using our free calculator.

Higher quality for longer

Forget about depreciation too. Apache Sprayers have championed quality for a long time, which means that although a used sprayer may not brand new, if it’s Apache its still a champion in the field.

According to a statistical analysis conducted at the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, a five-year old Apache Sprayer has an average resale value of 72 percent of its original purchase price. Resale values will vary widely depending on use and location. Plus, some used sprayers may still be under our unmatched five-year powertrain warranty. You won’t find that anywhere else.

Browse Used Ag Sprayers 

Check out used sprayer listings below — see price comparisons, features and other specifications like crop clearance and hours operated. Find something you like? Seller phone numbers are provided right in the listing. Financing options and payment plans are also available. Need to think it over? Start a price watch list or a wishlist to view later. Don’t wait too long, though. Great value doesn’t stay on the market forever.



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