Compare Application Methods

Apache Sprayers Compare Application Methods

It’s easy to justify investing in an Apache sprayer compared to any other application option. Take the time to compare us against any alternative — pull-type sprayers, custom application, or other self-propelled sprayers. You’ll be glad you did!

Apache Advantages vs. Pull-Type Sprayers

  • Speed. Spray double the acres in the same amount of time.
  • Comfort. Apache’s patented self-leveling hydraulic suspension smooths the ride in the cab.
  • Clearance. Higher clearance allows you to spray later into the season.
  • Performance. Apache offers less crop damage compaction and better fuel efficiency, all without adding hours on your tractor.
  • Resale. Apache retains (on average) 72 percent of its value after five years.

Apache Advantages vs. Custom Application

  • Timing. With lots of acres to cover in a limited window, owning your own sprayer allows you to spray when you need to spray.
  • Quality. Doing it yourself gives you the confidence that it’s done right.
  • Cost. Compare the cost of hiring vs. doing it yourself. You’ll be surprised that in most cases, it’s smarter to spray yourself.

Apache Advantages vs. Hydrostatic Sprayers

  • Cost. Less fuel. Lower ownership cost. Significantly less initial investment. Better resale value.
  • Maintenance. Simple mechanical drive is easier and less expensive to maintain.
  • Compaction. With 3,000 to 14,000 pounds less, Apache is lighter and reduces yield-robbing compaction.
  • Power. Hydrostatic drive sprayers lose up to 30 percent of their horsepower before reaching the ground to power the sprayer. Horsepower is expensive!

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