Model Year 2018 Apache List Price

Purchasing farm equipment is a major investment. Apache Sprayers helps ease the pain on your pocketbook by starting at tens of thousands of dollars less than the competition. But don’t be fooled—lower price doesn’t mean lower quality. Apache is the best pound-for-pound sprayer on the planet. Owning one simply means you’re getting more BOOM for your buck. So run the numbers—then run with us!


List price is based on a sprayer with fenders, premium leather seat, 100 foot boom, Viper® 4, AccuBoom™, UltraGlide AutoBoom® and SmarTrax™ AutoSteer. Power-to-the-Ground™ HP per 1,000 lbs is calculated by: hp x efficiency ÷ weight x 1,000.

AS730 Competitor Comparison Table

AS1030 Competitor Comparison Table

AS1230 Competitor Comparison Table


“It’s phenomenal the return on investment it brings back. It’s a hundred thousand dollars less than any other machine and we’re pretty green around here. With this thing we were able to go brand new versus used with the green machine.”
– Andy Smidt, Trumbull, NE (5,000 acres sprayed)


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