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The spray application industry goes hand-in-hand with agricultural precision technologies and the continued technology enhancements on Apache Sprayers make no exception. Precision ag technology provides cost-effective solutions to help manage in-field variability by creating more effective spray applications. With benefits like improved crop yields, simplified operations and reduced input costs, who wouldn’t want to utilize these precision tools?

GPS Antenna and Receivers:

  • Track your Apache’s precise location in real time
  • Integrates with auto-steer systems and field mapping to provide accuracy and field mapping data

Automatic Section Shut-Off:

  • Standard with 2018 factory-install of Raven field computers
  • Auto shut-off of booms helps avoid spraying in no-spray zones
  • Set overlap of spray product from pass to pass
  • Reduces input costs
  • Reduces operator stress and fatigue
  • Allows for faster speeds in rows and turns


  • Creates precise lines in rows automatically
  • Reduces time and input costs
  • Travel at faster speeds in rows and turns
  • Less crop damage
  • Reduces operator stress and fatigue

Boom Height Leveling:

  • Automatically controls height of boom above ground
  • User-friendly controls with instant power-on
  • Greater boom stability decreased wear and tear on boom
  • Faster and more even application speeds
  • Smoother ride and lower service costs

Raven Hawkeye™

Displays and Controllers: Choose from leading independent brands in precision application. Apache will install at the factory, eliminating complicated setup. Monitor and control everything from your cab, record and save all of your field application activity for reporting purposes and for use in your farm management software.

Raven Hawkeye Application System: The Raven Hawkeye application system is available as a factory-installed option on all Apache models. Hawkeye takes precision to the next level, allowing operators to determine application rates down to individual spray nozzles. It allows you to vary spray pressure independent of speed and rate. Hawkeye is built on the ISOBUS communication platform.

The Hawkeye Advantage:

Hawkeye is compatible with the following displays:

  • Raven Viper® 4+
  • John Deere GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display
  • Precise application rate in a variety of conditions
  • Ability to manage drift and off-target applications
  • Accurate droplet size and placement
  • Nozzle-by-nozzle turn compensation standard
  • Extended range out of each nozzle
  • Blended pulse application
  • Fully integrated with machine application control systems
  • Simple and clean installation, setup, and calibration
  • Individual valve diagnostics monitor every nozzle to alert you immediately of a system issue
  • Mapping and data logging of each nozzle for more accurate record-keeping
  • Adjustable pressure on the fly including two preset pressures

Raven Hawkeye - With and Without

Hawkeye is a registered trademark of Raven Industries or its subsidiaries or divisions. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Grayhill Can-BUS Display

Key Benefits:

  • Grayhill Can-BUSThe bright, backlit display provides high contrast text and full color graphics for excellent sunlight readability
  • Includes real-time virtual gauges, diagnostic monitors, fault indicators and service reminders
  • Intuitive and responsive touch technology recognizes bare and gloved fingers, even when the display surface is wet
  • Scratch resistant and anti-glare cover glass is optically bonded to LCD display for superior performance
  • Simple, flush-mounted installation options seamlessly blend within the cab design





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