Lowest Cost Of Ownership In The Industry


Lower cost of ownership starts with smart engineering. Apache Sprayers are designed with common components across multiple models. That means Apache owners don’t pay for us to manufacture, warehouse and ship lots of different parts for various sprayer models. We’ve also avoided adding excess weight to the machines — weight that costs extra money and causes yield-robbing compaction in the field.

Still not convinced? Consider this:

  • Apache Sprayers purchase price compared to competitive sprayers is an average of $30,000 to $85,000 less.


  • The simplicity of Apache Sprayers mechanical drive reduces overall service and operating costs compared to competitive hydrostatic sprayers. Replacing hydrostatic wheel motors on competitive sprayers can cost almost $5,000 per wheel.


  • Industry-leading two-year bumper-to-bumper and five-year limited warranty means Apache owners pay less out of pocket for unexpected repairs.


  • Lower cost replacement parts; including filters that are 55 percent less, flow meters that are 74 percent less and three-way nozzle bodies that are 31 percent less on average.


  • Apache Sprayers are 15-40% lighter than hydrostatic sprayers of comparable tank size. This yields a huge savings in fuel costs for Apache owners.


  • State of the art precision farming options, such as Green Star™ ready controls and Raven Hawkeye™, allow you to spray smarter and maximize your investment on inputs.


  • Apache Sprayers have the highest resale value in the industry, retaining an average of 72 percent of their value after five years.


“Our Apache Sprayer has provided our family with a way to maintain our crops that is timely, reliable and cost effective. The sprayer is equipped with technology that is easy to use and a way to keep track of our farming more efficiently. “
– Cody Chase, Abilene, KS


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