More Comfort Still

The extra luxuries and comfort found in quality design matter more when you’re out in a rough field for days on end. But spraying doesn’t have to feel like work, and it doesn’t with the 2017 Apache. A smoother ride, smoother shift, increased horsepower and an optional vented seat bring superior comfort to your work day. Plus, the Apache is still lighter on soil compaction and lighter on your wallet.

A Smoother Ride: The ex-frame construction and adjustable ergonomic seat absorb shocks, providing a smooth, consistent ride across even the most unforgiving terrain. An optional vented and heated leather seat circulates air, keeping the operator cool on warm days and warm on cool days.

Rear Straddle Mounted Axle: An improved rear straddle mount axle makes gear shifting smoother, and the ride steadier. The axle’s position reduces rattling and shaking, for less wear and tear on you.

Sight Gauge: The 2017 Apache has a sight gauge that simplifies checking product tank levels with greater visibility.

Enhanced Boom Rack: The 2017 Apache has boom racks that are sturdier, longer lasting and easier to maintain. Each rack provides improved cushioning to protect boom wings when they come into contact with foreign objects.

Higher Performance / Higher Horsepower: A Tier 4 Final Cummins diesel engine makes the Apache a cleaner- running sprayer, with improved performance. Each Tier 4 Apache model gets more horsepower than the model it replaces. Already fuel-efficient Apaches become even greater energy misers in 2017. Fuel consumption drops 16-21percent among all models. That’s comfort to your wallet.



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