A Boom Package That Packs a Punch

A few years back a member of the Apache product development team posed a question: What makes a great boom? Within moments the room was abuzz as everyone threw out ideas about how to build a better boom. The best ideas were integrated into a newly redesigned boom package that’s been bringing it in the field ever since. Today, all Apache models offer a stronger, more flexible, better protected and lower-maintenance boom package.

A Redesigned Boom Rack: Apache Sprayers are smartly designed to reduce maintenance and prolong machine life. This philosophy extends to both boom tips. The redesigned rack furnishes better boom cushioning, resulting in less wear and tear for lower maintenance costs and more machine life.

Booms Built For Contact: The longer the boom, the more likely you are to bump into some ill-placed obstacle. No worries. The boom wings on Apache Sprayers are designed to break away when coming into contact with trees, brush, poles, tractors, trucks, houses or whatever immovable object you encounter—before springing back into place when the obstacle enters your rearview mirror.

Putting Grease Monkeys Out Of Work: Greaseless bushings eliminate 27 of 32 boom rack and wing grease points, reducing maintenance time and cost.


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