Raven Hawkeye Precision Application System

The Raven Hawkeye precision application system maximizes your investment in application products and eliminates overapplication by allowing operators to control distribution rates down to individual spray nozzles. A factory-installed option, the system is ISO compatible, so it works with Raven Viper 4®, Deere GreenStarTM 3 2630 and Case IH AFS Pro 700 displays.

Advantages Include:

  • Turn compensation. Automated nozzle-by-nozzle adjustment provides even distribution along the entire boom through turns.
  • Pressure adjustments. Adjustable pressure on the fly, including two preset pressures.
  • Integrated. Raven Hawkeye is fully integrated with machine application control systems.
  • Simplicity. Setup and calibration is simple and clean.

Hawkeye vs. AIM



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