The Smoothest Ride in the Field

Spray application has never been so smooth, effortless and enjoyable. Smartly designed for speed, efficiency, dependability and operator convenience, Apache Sprayers combine in-field prowess, on-road comfort and the type of refinement seldom found in the cab. This sprayer rides like a Cadillac and sprays like an Apache.

Flex-Frame for a Smooth Ride: The flex-frame design features C-channel flex-frame rails and a pivoting front axle. The design is similar to a tri-axle dump truck as it constantly flexes and twists. This means:

  • Less stress on the machine and operator
  • Less maintenance and downtime
  • Increased durability and longer machine life

Self-Leveling Hydraulic Suspension: A day in the field shouldn’t leave you bumped and bruised. Apache Sprayers feature a patented rear suspension system equipped with auto-leveling, anti-sway hydraulics and nine nitrogen accumulators to eliminate “bounce-back effect” on uneven terrain.

Unmatched Traction: The flex-frame construction ensures all four wheels are always on the ground, with 30 percent of the weight over the front wheels and 70 percent over the rear wheels. Lock-up torque converter and limited slip differential keep both rear wheels in contact with the ground and turning regardless of conditions. Pivoting front axle and oscillating joint with pending patents set Apache further apart from the competition.

Power Per Pound: A full 90 percent of an Apache’s horsepower is transferred to the ground, making it more efficient than hydrostatic sprayers, which transfer approximately 70 percent of available horsepower to the ground. A torque converter doubles the engine’s ability to push through tough terrain, while JCB limited slip differential allows for sharper turns and better traction.

Precision Options: Full control from the seat of your ergonomic chair. Apache Sprayer control systems include field computers and controllers, GPS antenna and receivers, auto section shut-off, auto steering, boom height leveling and more.


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