AS650 Rugged Small Sprayers Built to Go Where Others Won’t

Because not all fields are flat…

Introducing the AS650, the best small self-propelled sprayer in the industry. Rugged and nimble, the AS650 is one tough sprayer built to go where others won’t dare.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what farmers say about Apache.

“We crawl on a lot of steep hills over 40% slopes.  My neighbors have started calling my Apache the ‘billy goat’ because it seems to crawl wherever I need to go – wet conditions, fully loaded – I don’t hesitate to take it anywhere.”

John McCall
Waitsburg, WA

Most of the country around here is 15-35% grade and there’s a hill that they measured at 46%, and I spray it!  I’ve always been very, very pleased with Apache’s weight ratio and what it does out there in the field as far as tracks and things.  It covers the bases very well.

Kevin Wagner
Farmington, Washington

Apache AS650

Product Tank Capacity: 650 gallons
Weight: 16,900 lbs
Engine: Cummins T4F
Transmission: JCB Power shift 4- speed
Crop Clearance: 42″ or 48″ depending on tire selection

The AS650 is compact, lightweight, and agile — and the most affordable small self-propelled sprayer in the industry.  Built for the farmer who wants to upgrade from a pull-behind to a self-propelled or for the larger producer that needs an agile extra sprayer. Whether it’s the first, second, or third sprayer in the operation, spray applications will be brought to the next level of precision with the AS650, the best small farm sprayer in the industry.

How does the Apache AS650 stack up against the competition?

Simplicity, Reliability, and Durability…

That is what you get with the simple mechanical drive and reliable Cummins T4F engine. Built using common parts that are repaired using regular tools puts you in control and means less hassle. Less is truly more when it comes to price, weight, maintenance, and repairs. And don’t mistake simplicity for less comfort. The AS650 comes equipped with features like independent air suspension that makes the AS650 the smoothest ride in the field, and a leather seat for all-day comfort.

The first opportunity I had to sit inside the Apache Sprayer made me feel like I was in control.  The all-new cab in the Apache will make it easy to spend an entire spray day inside the machine.  It’s more operator-friendly with a luxury look.  You can’t ask for anything better than that.

Randy Werth
Hays, Kansas

Ready to experience the Apache Difference?

Request a free field demo and find out why EquipmentWATCH ranks Apache Sprayers Highest Retained Value in the industry, or calculate your total cost of ownership to determine the lifetime value of owning an Apache Sprayer. 




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