Learn How Our Sprayers Virtually Maintain Themselves

We know that providing a low total cost of ownership and decreasing downtime is critical for operators today. Our Apache Precision packages are included in every model, and utilize Raven Viper 4+, allowing for over the air updates and in-cab support.

Perks of our Precision Packages:


Over-the-Air Updates

In-Cab Support

High-speed cellular connectivity to support your Apache sprayer.
Keeps your downtime to a minimum and sprayer running efficiently.

80% of issues can be remotely diagnosed and resolved.

How In-Cab Support works with Apache Sprayers

When you need support, you can depend on your Apache Precision package to connect quickly and securely to your dealer or Apache Application Specialists. 

Here’s how:

  • The factory-installed Raven Viper 4+ field computer works in tandem with the RS1™ antenna to activate the In-Cab Remote support feature.
  • Apache Sprayer Specialists can connect to your sprayer within minutes with your secure and custom password.
  • Once connected, the Apache Specialist will have remote access to your sprayer’s computer system.
  • All three tools combined give Apache Sprayer owners the power to be more accurate, solve problems faster, and cover more acres in a day. 

Precision agriculture improves crop yields, but in-cab support allows operators to lower their cost of ownership and decrease downtime.

Apache Sprayers Help You Stay Organized & Secure

Apache Sprayer operators can track, collect, and analyze data using a secure, real-time online account.

Our system provides you with end-to-end support:

  • Enables you to look back at maps and records from prior seasons to compare one year to the next.
  • Lets you remotely control profiles and settings across an entire fleet of hardware.
  • Gives you the ability to plan, budget, move data to and from the field, and schedule items in ways that were impossible with antiquated thumb drives 
  • Eliminates the risk of lost data and downtime from changes to work orders or prescription maps. 

Want to learn more about our current models? Explore our current models here, or get in the driver’s seat and schedule a demo today.

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