Increase Performance, Fuel Savings & Lower Operating Cost with Apache Sprayers

Increasing performance, maximizing fuel savings, and lowering maintenance costs drove Apache Sprayers to install the Cummins Performance Series in new Apache AS850, AS1050, and AS1250/XP sprayers. The Cummins Performance Series engines are equipped with the power and torque required to conquer the roughest field conditions. 

AS1250 XP

“Apache Sprayers by Equipment Technologies is one of the first in the U.S. to adopt Cummins Performance Series power and are dual certified to comply with EU Stage V – the strictest emissions standard globally – as well as EPA Tier 4 Final.”

— Cummins

An increase in both power and savings

“With the new Cummins Performance Series engines, Apache sprayers receive a performance boost of up to 15% due to the increased power and torque available throughout the engine speed range. They are also more productive on the farm, saving farmers 8% in fuel with an overall combined fuel and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) saving of 3%. Not only does this have significant environmental and sustainability benefits, but it also lowers operating costs – which is a big win for our customers.

“Apache Sprayers is happy to collaborate with Cummins to introduce the Performance Series Engines into our sprayer line-up.”

Veera Rajendran, Vice President Engineering, ET

AS1250 XP (Extra Power) Engine Option featuring 300HP

Increase Performance

Powered by either the Cummins B4.5 or B6.7 Performance Series engines, Apache AS series sprayers are equipped with both the power and torque required to conquer the toughest field conditions. The B4.5 and B6.7’s simpler architecture and EGR-free design means each engine is lighter and more compact than its predecessor, supporting ET’s objective of light-in-the-field machines for less soil compaction and reduced fuel consumption.

ModelCapacity HorsepowerWeight (lbs)YOY Performance Increase*
1250 XP120030022,500 +8%
*Apache Performance Metric is a property performance metric that considers real-life simulation of driveline performance, duty cycle, and engine speed. 

Increased fuel efficiency, longer service intervals, and reduced maintenance costs mean more savings.

Lower Operating Cost

Apache self-propelled sprayers are one of the first in the U.S. to adopt Cummins Performance Series power and are dual-certified to comply with EU Stage V – the strictest emissions standard globally – as well as EPA Tier 4 Final.

Cummins’ new Single Module™ Aftertreatment System is up to 40% smaller and 20% lighter than previous systems and is positioned vertically on the new AS sprayers to facilitate new storage features while maintaining visibility from the cab.

AS1050 equipped with Cummins Performance Series engine.

Delivering Results

Cummins’ reputation for durability means that farmers and equipment contractors have a product they can trust. With improved reliability, operators have higher machine availability, while lower noise and near-zero-emissions support sustainable operations.

Higher fuel efficiency, longer service intervals, reduced running costs, and increased responsiveness means that work gets done quicker. Plus, the latest telematics capability by Cummins enables a faster response time for repairs, reducing downtime as service technicians arrive on-site fully informed and with the right tools and parts.

Apache Sprayers is proud to deliver customers unbeatable value, year after In fact, this year EquipmentWatch™ named AS Series Sprayers as a four-time award winner for Highest Retained Value (across all product categories – not just sprayers). 

Providing Apache owners with the new Cummins Performance Series Engine will continue to provide value to our owners while allowing them to see tangible results in the field and on the bottom line. 

For more information about Apache Sprayers new models with the Cummins Performance Series Engine, contact us.

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